Near the bow of the boat, there were two or three strong men of Zhenxuan level, and there were no le This group of gold armour friars obviously have experienced many battles and have a good understandi After the death of the human beings on the spaceship, loyal barbarians still follow the task of sear In order to ensure the therapeutic effect, Wang Cong decided to practice on the balcony. Qi Fei murmured from time to time, as if communicating with unknown people on the other side through "You're talking nonsense. Our black electric leopard is the most powerful. I haven't heard o A muffled sound, the black wolf demon howled miserably, vomited a mouthful of blood, the scalp split He is the city hall is very deep, the posture of the hero, the spiritual cultivation is strong, at t Liu Fan's retort is somewhat powerless. "Big brother, it's Zhao Feng's boy" Green water this time toward Yan Jin Yu and seven princess gently said. When guarding, it can form a shield or armor, which can be said to be solid Jiang Huo nodded and said, his heart is still on Qiu Xin's body. ( xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! "I thought it was Tangluo, the four heavenly kings who wanted to be put to death. Give me the Xianli It's about the eight characters of Chongxiao sword school, the most intelligent and the most rut Now that everything has been understood and everyone on the other side knows about it, everyone will The fire was raging, and a burning wooden beam had fallen from the corner of the house. Yingren said

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