Strong shock, Hui en's huge body, toward the rear fly backward. "Hello, Hello! Are you not clear? I was brought in by you. It's your duty to help me out, not in But the Taixu universe, in addition to this strong crystal wall, there are also a very powerful arra It's quite accurate. It's probably used to hunting in the air. Toronto, as long as our country is willing to come forward, he may not escape the final punishment. After this battle, your regiment has plenty of weapons and ammunition. Don't come to me for thos Hearing this, the dog village head looks at stork Hong with a very fearful expression. Ye Chu asked her, "sister, have you been here?" "I know it's sarira, but we don't deserve it!" Wu Feng said calmly, "pharmaceutics is a mysterious road, isn't it?" Countless swords are suspended in the air. Each handle breathes the light of killing. The breath is "The master of the Kong family appeared at that time. It should be convenient to help you scare off The holy hall separated himself to Qin Lang and seemed to be ready to use some secret method to expl Now, can you whisper one, two, three here? " St. Cassie is very strong, if it is a match, he is not sure that he can win her. Of course, now Lee Ming Hui will not continue to write, how to wait until his injury healed again, t The pressure that falls on purple Chen body, more and more terrible, and with strong will impact. But now, they are awed by the Dragon scorching sun, Lei Feng also died in the hand of long Jiaoyang.

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