Four people discussed, still with the little thief cat's "shadow kill emperor blade" as the core During this stage, he will pass out and lose any resistance. After a glance at the bustling zhengba mountain, the five Tang Luo people did not stop at all. They The strength of the Yin family and the Zhao family was equal. The wonderful flower king quickly shook his hand, "is to do something I can." Li Yunxiao looked, surprised and said with a smile, "it turns out to be a young master Yi." Obviously, there is no dangerous goods here. "Fool, it's not a thing, it's a treasure, a treasure!" The man in black shrunk his eyes and did not dare to hold it up any more. With his hands unfolded, t On the ruins of the temple of war, the buildings that had not collapsed collapsed collapsed in the r "Liu, Mr. Liu, let us guarantee your safety!" These pressures have something in common with the pressures in the void. "Has it started? I didn't expect it would be so spectacular. In the end, it is on the ground and But fortunately, their task is very light, mainly to maintain order, to suppress the place, by the w After that, a monk closed his eyes again. The main leaders and guests of the signing ceremony. " Liu Xiaoxiao is more curious than shocked by the animal employees. Yan Xiaotao is busy taking out his mobile phone.

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