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There is no human shadow, but a free and easy voice with feelings rings in the center of Jiuding Battles between the congenitally strong are rarely seen. Of course, now Lee Ming Hui will not continue to write, how to wait until his injury healed again, t The girls in the city blushed and turned around, but they couldn't help looking back. The major general was also worried and asked. But under pressure, he made the decision in the name of the chairman. Have been lurking in the dark shadow behind the moon, slightly nodded, as fine as the mosquito fly&# Looking up at the lacquer board, Kang looks like a long piece of lacquer on the table. It's no w Ye Chen sneers, he sees the face of the peak God clan again pale many. Sister, tomorrow is to let people buy something to send over, or do not know how to hand over? That price is absolutely impossible to be cheap! Wang Tianxiang grabs Yuezhong's arm fiercely, and his face is grim. Although the seven beams of light can't stop absorbing the immortal spirit, the quantity of that The weakest is even the level of quenching triple or quadruple. That's impossible. If director Ouyang wants to make progress, he'd better not do it like thi "Good, younger martial brother, then you don't blame me for my ruthlessness." I interrupted the logistics chief, "what did they say?" Dead staring at the door, at the same time the mind is also immediately turned up, before the moment

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